Lord God In Thee Confiding

Lord God, in Thee confiding,
Our faith all fear dispels;
With joy, in Thee abiding,
Our heart exulting swells;
Thus singing we adore Thee,
The high and holy One,
And joyfully before Thee
The path of duty run.

Thou, Lord, who changest never
Through all eternity,
Hast made us Thine forever,
Thy flock secure in Thee;
Thy rod and staff possessing,
We smile at ev’ry foe;
The rivers of Thy blessing
Around our pasture flow.

Thy love our voice upraises
In the grateful hymns of joy,
And our unceasing praises
Shall endless life employ;
For grace and justice blending,
Unchangeably the same,
And mercy, never ending,
Unite in Jesus’ name.