Lord God My Savior Day And Nightbefthlou

Lord God, my saviour, day and night
before Thee, loudly cry’d have I:
O let my pray’r before Thee come,
And bend thine ear now to my cry.
Because my soul’s with trouble fill’d,
My life approaches to the grave:
Counted with thine who to the pit,
Are hastning, and no strength I have.

Yea as one free among the dead,
Like to the slain in graves I lie;
Whom by thy hand Thou hast cut off,
And hast no more in memory.
Thou lay’st me in the lowest pit,
In darkness as in deepest caves;
Thy wrath lies hard on me, and Thou
Afflictest me with all thy waves.

My friends thou hast put far from me,
And to them made me loathsom grow;
And I’m in prison shut so fast,
That forth from thence I cannot go.
Thro’ my affliction great and long,
Mine eye with mourning pines away:
JEHOVAH, loud I call on Thee,
And stretch my hands to Thee all day.

[ Part]
Shew wonders to the dead wilt Thou?
Shall the dead rise and Thee confess?
Or does the grave thy kindness show,
Destruction tell thy faithfulness?
In darkness are thy wonders known?
Or are thy acts of righteousness,
Remember’d or acknowleg’d in
The land of deep forgetfulness.

But LORD to Thee aloud I cry,
In early morning to Thee pray;
Why LORD dost cast my soul from Thee?
Why from me hide thy face away?
I’m poor, afflicted, and to die
Am ready from my youthful years:
Distracted and confus’d am I,
While I endure thy horrid fears.

Thy fiery wrath goes over me;
Thy terrors greatly me dismay;
As mighty floods encompass me,
And rise all round me ev’ry day.
My lovers and my choicest friends,
Thou hast from me removed far:
And into darkness put away
Those who my dear acquaintance were.