Lord God Of Hosts By All Adored

Lord God of hosts, by all adored!
Thy name we praise with one accord;
The earth and heavens are full of Thee,
Thy light, thy love, thy majesty.

Loud hallelujahs to Thy name
Angels and seraphim proclaim;
Eternal praise to Thee is given
Be all the powers and thrones in heaven.

The apostles join the glorious throng;
The prophets aid to swell the song;
The noble and triumphant host
Of martyrs make of Thee their boast

The holy Church in every place
Throughout the world exalts Thy praise;
Both heaven and earth do worship Thee,
Thou Father of eternity!

From day to day, O Lord, do we
Highly exalt and honor Thee;
Thy name we worship and adore,
World without end, for evermore.