Lord God Of Hosts We Bless Thy Name

Lord God of hosts, we bless Thy name
In songs of adoration;
Thy mighty works Thy love proclaim
Throughout the wide creation;
The starry gems that crown the night,
The morning’s golden splendor,
The beauty that our eyes delight
For those our thanks we render.

Lord God of hosts, we bless Thy name,
For Thou art holy, wide and good, forevermore the same;
Lord God of hosts, we bless Thy name,
And to the world Thine everlasting love proclaim.

Lord God of hosts, we sing Thy praise
For ev’ry daily blessing;
For ev’ry joy that cheers our ways,
For hearts Thy peace possessing;
Far sweeter than angelic song,
The grand redemption story
For mercies that around us throng,
We sing Thy pow’r and glory. [Refrain]

Lord God of hosts, we see Thy love
Where Calv’ry’s stream is flowing;
From yonder cross, we look above,
Where living beams are glowing;
O hold us by Thy guiding hand,
And keep us Thine forever,
Until before Thy throne we stand
And worship Thee forever. [Refrain]