Lord God Of My Salvation I

Lord, God of my salvation, I
To thee, by day, and night, do cry.
Before thee, let my prayer appear;
And to thy cry incline thine ear.
Troubles, my soul, so filled have,
My life draws nigh unto the grave.
I’m numbered with the dead; as one
Whose strength is lost, and spirit gone.

As free among the dead am I,
Like slain men, in their fraves that lie,
Whom thou in mind no more dost bear;
Who by thy hand consumed are.
Thou’st plunged me in the pit most low,
In darkness in the depth of woe.
On me thy wrath has heavy lain?
And all thy waves increased my pain.

Yea, those that mine acquaintance were,
From me thou hast removed far;
A loathsome spectacle I’m made;
Shut up, to walk abroad afraid.
Mine eye, the marks of sorrow, wears,
And spends itself in flowing tears;
To thee Jehovah, I have prayed,
And daily stretched my hands, for aid.

Second Part

Wilt thou show wonders to the dead?
Shall dead men rise, thy praise to spread?
Shall thy great love the grave confess?
Destruction speak thy faithfulness?
In darkness shines thy mighty hand?
Thy justice in oblivion’s land?
Though, Lord, I’ve cried in vain, each day,
Before thee; still I’ll early pray.

Why, Lord, cast’st thou my soul from thee?
Why hid’st thy gracious face from me?
Distressed from youth, brought nigh the grave,
Thy terrors me amazement gave.
Thy fierce wrath over me hath past;
Thy terrors held, and bound me fast.
Daily, around me, like the tide,
They flow, and compass every side.

Lover, and friend, I dearly loved,
Thou from my sight hast far removed;
And those that my acquaintance were,
In darkness hide themselves, for fear.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,