Lord God Thy Praise We Sing Massie

LORD GOD, Thy praise we sing;
Lord God, our thanks we bring;
Father in eternity,
All the world worships Thee.
angels all and heavenly host
Of Thy glory loudly boast;
Both Cherubim and Seraphim
Sing ever with loud voice this hymn:
Holy art Thou, our God!
Holy art Thou, our God!
Holy art Thou, our God, the Lord of Sabaoth!
Thy majesty and Godly might
Fill all the earth and realms of light,
The twelve Apostles join in song
With the dear Prophets’ goodly throng.
The martyr’s noble army raise
their voice to Thee in hymns of praise.
All Christendom with one accord
Exalt and praise their common Lord–
Thee, Father, on Thy highest throne,
Thy well-beloved only Son,
The Holy Ghost, the Comforter,
They honor, serve, and praise fore’er.
Thee King of glory, Christ, we own
Th’eternal God’s eternal Son;
To save mankind Thou hast not, Lord,
The virgin Mary’s womb abhorred;
Thou overcamest death’s sharp sting,
Believers unto heaven to bring;
At God’s right hand Thou sittest clad
In th’glory which the Father had;
Thou shalt in glory come again,
To judge both dead and living men.
Thy servants help whom Thou, O God,
Hast ransomed with Thy precious blood;
Grant that we share the heavenly rest
With Thy dear Saints already blest.
Help us, O Lord, from age to age,
And bless Thy chosen heritage,
Nourish and keep them by Thy power,
And lift them up for evermore.
Daily, Lord God, we’ll sing Thy praise,
And bless Thy name throughout our days.
Help us this day and at all times,
From secret sins and open crimes;
For mercy only, God, we plead;
Be merciful to our great need;
Show us Thy mercy, Lord, as we
Our steadfast trust repose in Thee.
In Thee, dear Lord, we put our trust;
O never let our hope be lost!
Holy art Thou, our God, the Lord of Sabaoth!