Lord God To Whom Doth Appertain

Lord God to whom alone pertains
the recompence of wrongs,
O mighty God, shine clearly forth,
to whom revenge belongs.
Thou Judge of th’ earth wilt rise,
the proud their wages pay.
How long, O LORD, shall wicked men,
how long triumph shall they?

How long shall they break out and say,
things very hard to bear?
How long shall all such boast themselves,
who wicked workers are?
LORD, they thy people grind to dust,
thine heritage oppress;
The widow and the stranger slay,
And kill the fatherless.

And yet they insolently say;
JAH, this shall never see,
Nor by the God of Jacob shall,
these things regarded be.
But O ye stupid people, will
ye never learn to know?
Ye foolish in your hearts and ways,
wise will ye never grow?

He planted ev’ry hearing ear;
and hear then shall not He?
Who formed ev’ry seeing eye,
shall He not clearly see?
He who the nations doth chastize,
shall he not chasten you?
He teaches knowledge to all men:
and shall not He them know?

JEHOVAH always clearly sees
what thoughts men entertain;
He judges and He tries them all,
and knows they all are vain.

[ Part]
O JAH, how bless’d is he whom Thou
dost fatherly chastise;
And out of thy most perfect law,
Thou teachest to be wise?
That Thou may’st give him quietness
till evil times are past;
Until the pit be digg’d wherein,
the wicked shall be cast.

For sure the LORD will not cast off
His people utterly;
Nor his inheritance forsake
to perpetuity.
But judgment shall to righteousness,
clearly return and reign;
And all who are of upright heart,
shall follow in her train.

Against the evil doers, who
will up for me arise?
Who stand up for me against those
that work iniquities?

[ Part]
Unless the LORD had been my help,
none other could me save;
My soul had quickly dwelt within
the silence of the grave.
And when I said, my moving foot
is ready just to slide;
Thy mercies LORD, then held me up,
and made me firm abide.

Amidst the multitude of thoughts,
tumultuous in my mind;
Still from thy consolations sweet
my soul delight doth find.
What shall the throne of wickedness
Have fellowship with Thee;
Which frameth mischief by a law
and acts it by decree?

They run in crouds against the souls
of men both just and good;
And they condemn to punishment,
those of most harmless blood.
But yet the LORD has always been
a refuge high to me;
and of my confidence the rock,
my God shall always be.

The LORD our God their mischief will
on their own heads repay;
In their own malice cut the down,
yea will them surely slay.