Lord Hast Thou Suffered Me To See

Lord hast thou suffer’d me to see
Another of thy days!
O fill my heart with love to thee,
And tune my lips to praise!

Within thy lower courts of grace,
Let me with pleasure stay;
And let a smile from Jesus’ face,
Chase all my doubts away.

Display the riches of thy grace,
My broken heart to cheer:
And shew thy reconciled face
To all thy people here.

As in the ancient days O Lord,
Thy glorious trophies spread;
gird on thy all victorious sword,
And fill thy foes with dread.

Let ev’ry hard’ned sinner here,
Feel that thy powr’ abounds;
Each broken heart with comforts cheer,
And heal their bleeding wounds.

Descned, O sweet celestial dove,
With all thy quick’ning pow’rs!
Cause now a dear Redeemer’s love,
T’ enflame and quicken ours.