Lord Have Mercy On Me In Accordance With

Ten piedad de mi, oh Dios, conforme a tu bondad,
tu misericordia borre mi maldad.
Lavame del mal y limpiame de iniquidad;
contra ti no quiero pecar.

Vuelveme, Senor, a gozarme enti,
a sentir la paz de tu perdon;
me sustente la nobleza de tu amor.

Reconozco que yo fui rebekle sin razon,
mis pecados pongo delante de ti.
Contra ti peque y solo a ti yo defraude;
a tus ojos culpable soy. [Refrain]

Lavame, Senor y hazme mas puro que una flor,
crea un nueve corazon dentro de mi.
Cantara mi lengua tu justicia y tu perdon;
alabanzea te ofrecere. [Refrain]

Lord, have mercy on me, in accordance with your grace;
with unfailing kindness, blot out all my sin.
Cleanse me from unrighteousness in thought and word and deed;
in your mercy, heal me within.

Lord, restore to me, Lord, restore to me
the sureness of salvation and its joy.
Let me know forgiveness and the peace of your love.

Lord, I know my rebel heart has wandered from your will,
and resistance with no reason is my path.
You and you alone have been the One to know my sin,
and my guilt has earned me your wrath. [Refrain]

Lord, refresh and make me like the newness of the spring.
like a flower opening to your warming rays.
So my grateful tongue will tell the wonders of your love,
and my pardoned heart will sing praise. [Refrain]