Lord Hear My Cry Regard My Prayer Hopk

LORD, hear my Cry, regard my Pray’r,
Which I, oppress’d with heavy Grief,
From Earth’s remotest Parts, address
To thee, with hope of kind Relief;
Save me from persecuting Pow’r,
For thou hast often been my Tow’r.

So shall I in thy sacred Courts,
Secure from ev’ry Danger lie;
Beneath the Covert of thy Wings,
All future Storms I will defy:
My Soul of thy Protection sure,
Against her Foes shall ret secure.

For thou, O GOD,hast heard my vows,
And in thy Goodness didst ordain,
That I, with lasting Glories crown’d,
Should o’er thy chosen People reign:
Vouchsafe, O LORD, thy King to bless,
And make his prosp’rous Days encrease.

Confirm his Throne, and make his Reign
To be accepted in thy Sight;
And let thy Truth and Mercy both,
Oh GOD, in his Defence unite:
So I’ll devote my future Days,
To pay my Vows, sing thy Praise,