Lord Hear My Humble Prayer To Thee

LORD, hear my humble pray’r to Thee,
and to my cries attend;
And in thy truth and righteousness
a gracious answer send.
O with thy servant enter not
in judgment me to try;
For in thy sight no man alive,
himself can justify.

The foe pursues my soul, my life
down to the ground doth tread,
In darkness makes me dwell as those
that ages have been dead.
Therefore my soul is overwhelm’d
with great perplexity;
My heart, of joy and comfort is
made desolate in me.

I call’d to mind the days of old,
on all thy works I thought;
I meditated on the deeds
thy mighty hands have wrought.
And now I earnestly to Thee
reach mine out-stretched hands;
My soul for Thee with ardour longs,
like dry and thirsty lands.

[ Part]
LORD hear with speed, my spirit fails:
hide not thy face from me;
Lest I like those who in the grave
descend, should quickly be.
Let me thy kindness early hear;
in Thee my hope I place:
Shew me the way wherein to go;
my soul to Thee I raise.

JEHOVAH, from mine enemies
quickly deliver me:
To hide me safe beneath thy wings
in haste I fly to Thee.
Teach me to do thy will, because
Thou art my GOD indeed:
Let thy good spirit to the land
of uprightness me lead.

Yea for the sake of thy great name,
O LORD, revive Thou me;
And in thy right’ousness do Thou
my soul from trouble free.
Yea, in thy mercy Thou my foes,
wilt quite suppress; and them
Thou wilt destroy who vex my soul,
for I thy servant am.