Lord Hear The Voice Of My Complaint And

LORD, hear the Voice of my Complaint,
And to my humble Pray’r give Ear;
Preserve my Life from cruel Foes,
And free my troubled Soul from Fear;
Hide me in some secure Retreat;
The Plots of all my Foes defeat.

See how, intent to work my Harm,
They whet their Tongues like sharpen’d Swords,
And bend their Bows to shoot their Darts,
Destructive Lies, and bitter Words:
In secret, void of Fear and Shame,
They at the Just direct their Aim.

To carry on their ill Designs,
In frequent Councils they agree;
They speak of laying private Snares,
And vainly think that none shall see:
With Care their wicked Plots they lay;
Their Hearts designing to betray.

But GOD, to Anger justly mov’d,
His dreadful Bows shall surely bend;
And on his flying Arrow’s Point
Against them swift Destruction send:
Their Slander on themselves shall fall,
And they be scorn’d and shunn’d by all.

The World shall then GOD’s Pow’r confess,
And frighten’d Nations trembling stand;
Convinc’d that ’tis the mighty Work,
Of his uprais’d avenging Hand:
For they shall see his Pow’r, and own
That he is GOD supreme alone.

Whilst righteous Men whom he secures,
Shall in his Mercy gladly trust;
and all the list’nign Earth shall hear,
The glorious Triumphs of the Just;
The true of heart shall bless his Name,
And to the world their Joy proclaim.