Lord Hearken To My Cry

Lord, hearken to my cry,
And to my prayer attend.
From the earth’s remotest parts, to thee,
My cry shall still ascend;
When sadly overwhelmed,
My Heart does fainting lie:
Conduct me to the rock of strength,
That higher is than I.

My shelter thou hast been,
From foes my powerful aid.
I’ll ever in thy courts abide,
And trust in thy wing’s shade.
For thou, O God, hast heard;
My vows before thee came;
Thou hast appointed me the lot
Of those that fear thy name.

Thou to the king wilt add
Long life and happy reign;
As many generations still,
His future years maintain.
He shall forever sit,
O God, before thy face,
Upon his throne, secured by
United truth, and grace.

So to thy name I’ sing,
My endless songs of praise;
And cheerfully perform my vows,
Through all my future days.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,