Lord Here Am I To Do Thy Will Incline My

Lord, here am I to do thy will,
Incline my heart to thee;
O! may I willingly fulfil,
What thou commandest me.

To eat this bread and drink this cup,
As thy bless’d orders are,
To work in me a living hope,
Humility and fear.

Here I commemorate thy death,
Partake this bread and wine;
Cause me to eat and drink by faith,
And make thy blessings mine.

Lord, here I view thy love and grace,
Astonishing to me:
That I a wretch of human race,
Should e’er accepted be.

Should such a creature as I am,
Be made a welcome guest;
Dare I such mercies ever claim,
To share among the rest.

Can I be worthy of such grace!
A creature so defil’d;
Can that consist with righteousness:
That I should be a child.

Yes, boundless mercy did provide,
That sinners should be free:
When Christ the Lord for sinners died.
He also died for me.

His word and blessed ordinance,
Do fully shew and prove:
That I with thanks and reverence,
Should taste and know his love.

O! may my soul be mov’d within,
While I partake this feast;
My Saviour who saves me from sin,
Make me a worthy guest.