Lord How My Troublers Multiply

Lord, how my troublers multiply?
How many up against me rise?
Of my sad soul, how many say,
“His God to him no help supplies.”
Yet Thou, O Lord, my glory art,
My shield, and raisest up my head.
I to Jehovah cried, who from
His holy hill me answered. (Selah)

I lay down, slept, and then awaked;
For up Jehovah did me bear:
Though people round against me set,
Ten thousands of them I’ll not fear.
O Lord my God, to save me rise;
For all my foes have felt thy stroke
Upon their faces, and the teeth
Of the ungodly Thou hast broke.

Salvation wholly to the LORD,
Does and shall ever appertain;
And on thy people evermore
Thy blessing does and shall remain.

The Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs of the Old and New Testament,