Lord How Very Often

Lord, how very often must this heart of mine,
With its falls and stumblings, wound Thy heart divine!
Pardon me, and own me still a child of Thine,
O Thou heart divine.

More and more I feel it, that this heart of mine
Wounds the Christ who bought me by His love divine.
Yet, O precious Saviour own and keep me Thine,
And forever Thine.

Failures all along my pathway I can trace,
Deafness to the tender whispers of Thy grace;
Yet for this dear Christ, turn not from me Thy face,
Still I crave Thy grace. [Refrain]

I among Thy servants am the least of all,
Weakest of the weak ones who upon Thee call;
Pity and compassion show me when I fall,
Pity when I fall. [Refrain]

By my love inconstant do I wound Thee sore?
For my sin and coldness mercy I implore;
O forgive, and help me hence to love Thee more,
Hence to love Thee more. [Refrain]