Lord I Believe Thy Every Word

Lord, I believe thy ev’ry word,
Thy every promise true:
And lo! I wait on thee, my Lord,
Till I my strength renew.

If in this feeble flesh I may
Awhile shew forth thy praise,
Jesu support the tott’ring clay,
And lengthen out my days.

If such a worm as I can spread
The common Saviour’s name;
Let him who rais’d thee from the dead,
Quicken my mortal frame.

Still let me live thy blood to show,
Which purges ev’ry stain;
And gladly linger out below
A few more years in pain.

Spare me, till my strength of soul,
Till I thy love retrieve;
Till faith shall make my spirit whole,
And perfect soundness give.

For this in stedfast hope I wait,
Now, Lord, my soul restore;
Now the new heav’ns and earth create,
And I shall sin no more.