Lord I Believe Thy Way For Me Is Best

Lord, I believe Thy way for me is best,
And on Thy care I am content to rest;
I thought I knew, but Thou alone can see,
Just what is best to keep me close to Thee.

Yes, Thy way is best, Lord, I know Thy way is best,
On Thy precious promise I fully am at rest;
In Thy love abiding, my life is ever blest,
For I know Thy way is best.

Thy way is best, and thro’ my falling tears
I see a light dispelling all my fears;
The everlasting love encircles me,
Then why should I e’er sad or fearful be. [Refrain]

Thy way is best, and tho’ my path may be
Thro’ devious ways, still I’ll go thro’ with Thee;
For Thou wilt be my guide and stay alway,
And led by Thee I’ll never, never stray. [Refrain]