Lord I Come At Last To Thee

Lord, I come at last to Thee,
After long delay,
Bringing all I have and am,
At Thy feet to lay;
It is lawful for Thee, Lord,
To possess Thine own;
And that what Thou hast redeem’d,
Should be Thine alone.

Yet I have been holding back,
Fearing what might be,
If I said that what is Thine
Should be all for Thee;
Trembling lest on some fair prize
Thou shouldst lay Thine hand;
Or some work impossible
Straightway should command.

But Thou hast been showing me
Thy delight to bless,
And how only those are rich
Whom Thou dost possess;
How, by giving all to Thee,
I can nothing lose;
And that what is fully Thine
Thou wilt fully use.

Then, since Thou dost welcome me
On Thy wealth to live;
And, in giving me Thyself,
Thou dost all things give-
All I know I give Thee now,
Nothing shall be mine;
What I know not Thou wilt take-
All alike is Thine.

And when Thou shalt show to me
Thy surrendered one,
Something to be given up,
Something to be done-
I may never stay to ask,
Shall it be or no?
Since my all belongs to Thee,
Given long ago.