Lord I Come To Thee For Rest Guilty Help

Lord, I come to Thee for rest,
Guilty, helpless and undone;
Wearied, and by sin oppressed,
Burdened with a heart of stone;
I against Thee have rebelled,
Suffered earth my love to win;
From my birth Thou hast beheld
Me the willing slave of sin.

When Thy Spirit gently strove
To reclaim my erring heart,
Urging me my God to love,
Urging me from sin to part,-
I that blessed Spirit drove
Rashly from this wretched breast;
Would not seek the joys above,
Nor accept the proffered rest.

O abused and slighted Lord,
Can’st Thou such a heart receive?
Yes, Thou can’st; for Thy own word
Calls me still to come and live;
Lord, I come; O make me Thine;
Cleanse my soul and set me free;
Gladly do I sin resign,
Joyfully return to Thee.