Lord I Commit Myself To Thee And All

Lord, I commit myself to thee!
And all I am unto thy care,
In towns or cities, land or sea!
Thou canst preserve me ev’ry where.

My life is ev’ry where secure,
While I remain in thy bless’d hands;
Not death nor all of Satan’s pow’r,
Can change thy great and just commands.

Since now it prov’d to be my lot,
Thus on the troubles seas to sail;
And on the swelling waves to float,
Tossed and drove, with wind and gale.

When waves like mighty mountains roll,
When driven by a dreadful storm;
Their furies thou canst soon control,
And guard and keep my life from harm.

What e’er thy providence decrees,
My Lord, I will with patience wait:
To deal with me just as thou please,
Will prove to me the best of fate.

Should here my body find its grave,
If so my Lord, thou see it best;
I pray my precious soul to save
And take her to thy place of rest.

But shouldst thou Lord deliver me,
And please to land me safe on shore;
My hearty thanks and praise shall be:
To thee my God, for evermore!