Lord I Confess My Sin Is Great

Lord I confess my Sin is great,
Great is my Sin, Oh! gently treat
Thy tender Flow’r thy fading Bloom,
Whose Life’s still aiming at a Tomb.

Have mercy Lord, lo! I confess,
I feel I mourn my Foolishness;
O spare me, when thy Hands have made,
A withering Leaf, a fleeting Shade.

Sweeten at length this bitter Bowl,
Which thou hast pour’d into my Soul!
O tarry not! if still thy stay,
Here sets in Death my short liv’d Day.

When thou for Sin rebukest Man,
His drooping Heart is fill’d with Pain;
Blasted his Strength, his Beauty too,
Consumes away as morning Dew.

When will thou Sin and Grief destroy?
That all the broken Bones may joy;
And at thy all-reviving word,
Dead Sinners rise, and praise the Lord.