Lord I Have Put My Trust In Thee

Lord, I have put my trust in Thee,
Turn not my confidence to shame;
Thy promise is a rock to me,
A tower of refuge is Thy name.

Thou hast upheld me from the womb;
Thou wert my strength and hope in youth;
Now trembling, bending o’er the tomb,
I lean upon Thine arm of truth.

Though I have long outlived my peers,
And stand amid the world alone,
(A stranger left by former years),
I know my God,–by Him am known.

Cast me not off in mine old age,
Forsake me not in my last hour;
The foe hath not foregone his rage,
The lion ravins to devour.

Not far, my God, not far remove:
Sin and the world still spread their snares,
Stand by me now, or they will prove
Too crafty yet for my grey hairs.

Me through what troubles hast Thou brought,
Me with what consolations crown’d!
Now be Thy last deliverance wrought,
My soul in peace with Thee be found.

Sacred Poems and Hymns