Lord I Long To Be Like Jesus

Lord, I long to be like Jesus,
Ever loving, kind and true;
That my life may speak His praises,
Keep me true, Lord, keep me true.

Keep me true, Lord, keep me true;
Keep me true, Lord, true to you;
May all I say or strive to do,
Prove, dear Lord, I’m true to you.

Satan laughs at all thy comrades,
When he sees them tire, or fall;
He would never have the privilege,
Were they true, Lord, to Thy call. [Refrain]

When temptations come to try me,
Fill me with Thy keeping powr’;
May I prove I’m true to Jesus,
Ev’ry day, yes, ev’ry hour. [Refrain]

When I reach the gates of glory,
Far beyond life’s stormy sea,
May I hear Thee, in Thy welcome,
Say, “Come, if I’ve proven thee.” [Refrain]