Lord I Make A Full Surrender All I Have

LORD, I make a full surrender,
All I have I yield to thee;
For thy love, so great and tender,
Asks the gift of me.
Lord, I bring my whole affection,
Claim it, take it for thine own,
Safely kept by thy protection,
Fixed on thee alone.

Glory, glory, hallelujah!
I have given my all to God;
And I now have full salvation
Through the precious blood.

Lord, my will I here present thee
Gladly, now no longer mine;
Let no evil thing prevent me
Blending it with thine.
Lord, my life I lay before thee;
Hear this hour the sacred vow;
All thine own I now restore thee,
Thine for ever now.

Blessed Spirit, thou hast brought me
Thus my all to thee to give;
For the blood of Christ has bought me,
And by faith I live.
Show thyself, O God of power,
My unchanging, loving friend;
Keep me till, in death’s glad hour,
Faith in sight shall end.