Lord I Pray Thee For A Blessing

Lord, I pray thee for a blessing,
Which thou only canst bestow:
Here, my deepest need confessing,
At thy feet my self I throw.
Faith and hope have both been given,
But there’s one, all else above;
Hasten from the highest heaven,
Fill my soul with perfect love!

Perfect love my Saviour;
Fill me now with love.
Come, almighty to deliver,
Fill me now with perfect love.

Though I have all other graces,
Though I speak with tongue aflame;
Though I sit in heav’nly places,
Though I magnify thy name;
I am but as brass resounding,
Nothing in thy sight I prove,
Till thro’ faith, by grace abounding,
I am perfected in love. [Refrain]

Though I yield my earthly treasure,
Give my body to the fire:
Tho’ my knowledge has no measure,
Though all mysteries I desire;
Though I grasp the sacred story,
And by faith the mountains move;
Yet in all I dare not glory,
‘Till I’m fill’d with perfect love. [Refrain]

Give me love that never faileth,
Love that suffers without moan;
That believeth and prevaileth,
Love that seeketh not her own:
Love that never thinketh evil,
But rejoiceth truth to prove;
Love that fears not man nor devil,
Give me, give me perfect love! [Refrain]

Love that ev’ry evil cureth,
Doth not envy, vaunteth not;
Beareth, hopeth, and endureth
All that falleth to my lot.
Faith, and hope, and love abideth,
But there’s one all else above;
Lord, my yearning spirit chideth
For thy greatest gift of love. [Refrain]