Lord I Prepare To Take Repose

Lord I prepare to take repose,
Since much fatigued I am;
May I in peace my eye-lids close,
And rest in Jesus’ name.

The notice of thy watchful eye,
Can keep my life secure;
Enclos’d within thy vail to lie,
Defends from Satan’s pow’r.

Through all the changes of this day,
Thy love to me was shown;
Thy countless blessings ev’ry way,
On me were shower’d down.

Unworthy as I am indeed,
Thy gifts were not withheld;
In ev’ry time of want and need,
Thy succour never fail’d,

My labours for this day I close,
And cast my cares away;
I lay me down to take repose,
Until another day.

But first my off’ring I will bring,
To thee my Lord and God,
And praise, and thank thee, O my King,
For all thy hand bestow’d.