Lord I Will Thee Extol On High

LORD, I will thee extol on high;
for Thou hast made me rise;
And joyful hast not made to be
o’er me mine enemies.
O LORD my God, I cry’d to yhee,
and Thou hast made me whole,
JEHOVAH, Thou ev’n from the grave
hast raised up my soul:

Thou from the pit hast quick’ned me:
O sing ye to the LORD,
Ye saints of his, give thanks when ye
his holiness record.
For but a moment is his wrath;
life in his love doth stay:
Tho’ weeping last thro’ all the night,
joy comes at break of day.

For in my prosp’rous state I said,
“I ne’r shall moved be;
“Since, LORD my mountain by thy grace
“is made so strong by Thee.”
But quickly thou thy face didst hide;
I greatly was dismay’d:
LORD then I call’d aloud on Thee,
and to the LORD thus pray’d;

“What gain is in my blood when I
“into the pit go down?
“Shall dust give glory then to Thee?
“Shall it thy truth make known?
“Do Thou me, O JEHOVAH, hear;
“and on me mercy have:
To me, JEHOVAH, be Thou near,
“an helper me to save!”

My mourning then into a dance
For me Thou turned hast;
With gladness Thou hast girded me,
and off my sackcloth cast.
So shall my glory sing thy praise,
and never silent be;
O LORD my God, I will give thanks
for evermore to Thee.