Lord I Yield For Thou Hast Conquerd

Lord, I yield, for Thou hast conquer’d,
Often as I fight, I fail;
Now to Thee I yield me wholly,
That in my Thou may’st prevail:
Time and talents, plans and pleasures,
Teach me, Lord, to yield them all;
Thou shalt have Thy way, dear Master,
Only make me heed Thy call.

Lord, I claim Thy promised blessing,
Fulness of Thy Spirit’s power;
Only for Thine own blest service,
Lord, on me Thy Spirit shower:
Fill me, Lord, with Thine own fulness,
That I may a channel be;
Ever passing on to others
All that Thou dost give to me.

Lord, I thank Thee for the greatness
Of Thy love’s unfailing spring;
Let my heart be always singing
Everywhere, for everything:
Only for Thy glory living,
Serving Thee in humblest ways;
Keep me, Lord, Thy heart from grieving;
Teach me, Lord to live Thy praise.