Lord Ill Thee Praise With All My Heart I

Lord, I’ll thee praise with all my heart,
Thy wonders all proclaim.
I will be glad and joy in thee,
Most high I’ll sing thy Name.
In turning back, my foes they’ll fall,
And perish at thy sight.
For thou maintainest my right and cause,
In throne sittest judging right.

Thou hast the heathen folk rebuked
And wicked ones destroyed;
For ever and for evermore
Thou hast their name made void.
Destructions (O thou foe) are come,
To end perpetual:
Thou hast ‘stroyed cities, they are gone,
With their memorial.

Nevertheless Jehovah shall
For evermore endure;
And unto judgement he his throne
Prepared hath most sure.
And he the habitable world
Shall judge in righteousness;
Unto the people judgment give
He shall in uprightness.

A refuge for oppressed ones
Jehovah shall become;
A refuge high he is to them
In seasons troublesome.
They also that do know thy name,
In thee will put their trust:
For them that do thee seek O Lord,
Forsake thou never dost.


O sing ye praises to the Lord,
That doth in Sion dwell:
The deeds also that he hath done
Among the people tell.
He to remembrance doth them call,
When he for blood doth seek;
He also never doth forget
The crying of the meek.

Jehovah mercy on me have
From them tat do me hate;
Mark mine afflictions that arise,
Thou liftest me from death’s gate.
That I on Sion’s daughters gates
Thy praises all my show:
And that in thy salvation
I may rejoice also.

The heathen are sung down into
The pit that they had made:
Their foot is taken in the net
Which privily they laid.
By judgment which he executes,
Jehovah is made known:
The wicked’s snared in’s handy work,
Deep meditation.

The wicked shall be turned down
Into the burning pit;
All nations that the mighty God
Continue to forget.
Because the needy ones shall not
Forgotten be alway?
The expectation of the poor
For aye shall not decay:

O let not wretched man prevail,
But O Jehovah rise;
The heathen people in thy sight
Let judged be likewise.
Jehovah do thou put in fear
E’en every one of them:
That so the nations they may know
That they be sorry men. Selah.

The Psalm, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs of the Old and New-Testament,