Lord Ill Thee Praise With All My Heart O

Lord I’ll Thee praise with all my heart,
thy wonders all proclaim.
O Thou most high, in Thee I’ll joy,
exult, and sing thy name.
My foes in turning backward fall,
and perish at thy sight;
For thou maintainest my just cause,
enthroned thou judgest right.

The heathen thou rebuked hast,
the wicked overthrown;
Thou blottest out their name, that they
may never more be known.
Thy desolations, O thou foe,
are ended utterly;
Who many cities hast destroyed,
and made their memory die.

But now Jehovah ever shall
endure and ever reign;
His throne He hath established
just judgment to maintain.
Yea, he the universal world
shall judge in righteousness;
And to all people judgment give
in perfect uprightness.

A refuge high for the oppressed
Jehovah will become;
He is to them a refuge safe
in seasons troublesome.
And they who duly know thy name,
in Thee their trust will place;
Because Thou, Lord, hast never left
the seekers of thy face.

[ Part]

O sing ye praises to the LORD,
who does in Zion dwell;
His wondrous doings all abroad
among his people tell.
When He inquireth after blood
he minds them carefully:
Of those who meek and humble are
he ne’er forgets the cry.

Lord, pity me, and weigh my grief
which I from foes sustain;
And from the opening gates of death
O raise me up again.
That I in Zion’s daughter’s gates
may show forth all thy praise:
And my triumphant shouts of joy
in thy salvation, raise.

The heathen people are sunk down
into the pit they made;
their foot is taken in the net
which secretly they laid.
By judgments which He executes
more known Jehovah is;
Ill men are caught in their own snares;
deeply consider this. (Selah.)

Those who continue wicked, shall
be turned down to hell;
Where all the nations of the earth
who God forget, shall dwell.
Thy needy, though distressed a while,
shall never be forgot;
The expectations of thy poor,
deferred, yet perish not.

O let not wretched man prevail;
but O Jehovah rise;
The heathen people in thy fight
let judged be likewise.
O thou Jehovah, strike them all
with trembling fear; and then
Thou wilt the nations make to know,
they are but wretched men. (Selah.)

The Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs of the Old and New Testament,