Lord In The Days Of Youth May We In Grac

Lord, in the days of youth
May we in grace improve;
And learn the word of sacred truth,
The Saviour’s dying love!

Our moments haste away,
With ev’ry heaving breath;
And swiftly hastens on the day,
When we must sink in death.

While some are never taught
The way of God with care;
We bless the Lord that we are brought
To this thine house of pray’r.

Lord give us ears to hear,
And hearts to understand;
In trouble may we find thee near–
A Saviour close at hand!

Through life’s dark rugged road,
Thus far we’re kept by thee:
May heaven at last be our abode,
Thy glory there to see.

Blest be our God, who lives,
And reigns with boundless sway;
Richly our benefactor gives:
We’ll praise him all the day.

Beyond the azure sky,
We’ll praise thee more and more;
And through a long eternity,
A God in Christ adore.