Lord In Thy Presence We Are Met

Lord, in Thy presence we are met,
A full salvation to proclaim;
To testify of grace receive,
Or offered now in Jesus’ name;
Dear Lord, to Thee our spirits cry,
Our ev’ry longing satisfy.

We ask Thee, Lord-for Thou art here-
Make this a Pentecostal hour,
When hung’ring souls from Thee receive
Pardon, or purity, or pow’r;
Unstop deaf ears, let blind eyes see,
Bring souls into Thy liberty.

Thou knowest sin-sick souls are here,
Sick with depravity within,
Restless, discouraged, wearied ones,
And Thou art here to cleanse from sin;
Oh! speak the word “I will, be whole”;
And save and sanctify each soul.

Grant to Thy servants boldness now,
That faithfully they speak Thy word,
“By stretching forth Thy hand to heal,”
Let signs and wonders from the Lord,
Here in our midst today be done,
So, Father, glorify Thy Son.

We wait-according to Thy Word,
Lord, let it to Thy servants be;
May nothing-self, pride, prejudice
Or unbelief-still hinder Thee;
Bless’d Spirit, have unhindered way
In yielded hearts and lives today.