Lord In Thy Tabernacle Who Wilt Thou

Lord, in thy tabernacle who
Wilt thou with welcome entertain?
Who on thy mount of sanctity,
A constant dweller shall remain?
The man who walketh uprightly,
That always worketh righteousness,
And what is in his honest-heart
Does truly with his mouth express.

Who with his tongue backbiteth not,
Nor does his neighbor any wrong,
Nor takes up a reproach to hurt
His neighbor from another’s tongue.
Whose eyes the vile, tho’ great, contemn,
But honors all who fear the Lord:
Who truly swears, tho’ to his hurt;
And changes not, but keeps his word.

Who to oppressing usury
Hath not for gain his money lent;
Nor taketh a reward or bribe
To wrong a person innocent.
Who constantly observes these things,
And does all in sincerity;
Is surely in a happy state,
And he shall never moved be.

The Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs of the Old and New Testament,