Lord Jesus By Thy Passion

Lord Jesus, by Thy Passion,
To Thee I make my prayer;
Thou Who in mercy smitest,
Have mercy, Lord, and spare.

Oh, wash me in the fountain
That floweth from Thy side!
Oh, clothe me in the raiment
Thy blood hath purified!

Oh, hold Thou up my goings,
And lead from strength to strength,
That unto Thee in Sion
I may appear at length!

Oh, hearken to my knocking,
And open wide the door,
That I may enter freely
And never leave Thee more!

Oh, bring me, loving Jesus,
To that most blessed place,
Where angels and archangels
Look ever on Thy face;

Where gladsome alleluias
Unceasingly resound;
Where martyrs, now triumphant,
Walk robed in white and crowned!

Oh, make my spirit worthy
To join that ransomed throng!
Oh, teach my lips to utter
That everlasting song!

Oh, give that last, best blessing,
That even saints can know,
To follow in Thy footsteps
Wherever Thou dost go!

Not wisdom, might, or glory,
I ask to win above;
I ask for Thee, Thee only,
O Thou eternal love!

The Hymnal: revised and enlarged as adopted by the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America in the year of our Lord