Lord Jesus Life Eternal

Lord Jesus, Life eternal,
Before Thy throne I bow;
To Thee I make confession,
Thy grace imploring now.
My heart with sin is laden,
I sorrow night and day;
Speak Thou the word of pardon
And wash my sins away.

O crown me with Thy mercy
While yet on earth I dwell,
And let the sun of gladness
The mists of gloom dispel.
Blot out all my transgressions
And cleanse me from my sin;
My fainting spirit strengthen
And make me pure within.

I often grow impatient
When I the cross must bear,
Which Thou, O Lord, hast sent me
That I the crown may wear.
O make my spirit humble,
And help me, Lord, to see
That through the vale of sorrow
My way shall lead to Thee.

By faith unshaken help me
To reach that heav’nly goal,
And through Thy bitter passion
Give healing to my soul.
Thy Word and promise trusting,
May I, when death shall come,
In yonder fair dominions
Find my eternal home.