Lord Of The World’S Seen Or Unseen

Lord of the worlds, unseen or seen,
Whose eyes behold all things that are,
Who rulest earth and sea and air
And guid’st the course of every star,
Look pitying from thy throne, nor cease
To draw the nations to thy peace.

And if, at duty’s trumpet call,
Our manhood now be summoned hence
To battle for the right, the just,
O shield them by thy providence.
How confident are those that stand
Beneath the shelter of thy hand!

To all who, spurning earthly joys,
Seek undismayed the trackless way
High in the wide expanse of heaven,
Be thou their help, by night and day;
Through fire, through cloud, o’er land, o’er wave,
Still by thy presence strong to save.

But should, O God, thy sovran will
Allow the final sacrifice,
To thee their lives are dedicate:
Not theirs to falter at the price.
O Lord of earth and sea and air,
For those in peril hear our prayer.

Not given in vain, these gallant lives!
The silent passing of the years
Shall touch them not, who fought – and fell:
They ask no tribute of our tears.
O loyal hearts, from death set free!
Not lost, but living unto thee.