Lord, Thou Hast Searched Me And Dost Know

Lord, Thou hast
searched me and dost
Where’er I rest,
where’er I go;
Thou knowest all that
I have planned,
And all my ways are in
Thy hand.My words
from Thee I cannot
I feel Thy power on
every side;
O wondrous knowledge,
awful might,
Unfathomed depth,
unmeasured height.Where can I go
apart from Thee,
Or whither from Thy
presence flee?
In Heav’n? It is Thy
dwelling fair;
In death’s abode? Lo,
Thou art there.If I the wings of
morning take,
And far away my
dwelling make,
The hand that leadeth
me is Thine,
And my support Thy
power divine.If deepest darkness
cover me,
The darkness hideth
not from Thee;
To Thee both night and
day are bright,
The darkness shineth
as the light.