Loyalty To The Master Loyalty To The Kin

Loyalty to the Master, loyalty to the King,
Loyalty now and ever, cheerfully let us sing;
Wholly at His commandment let ev’ry soldier be,
Joyfully serving Jesus, serving with loyalty.

Loyal soldiers, let us joyfully march along,
Forward, forward, with a triumphant song;

Loyalty to the Master, letting Him lead the way,
Glorious is His banner, follow it ev’ry day;
Into the midst of battle, conquering as we go,
Victory He has promised over the deadly foe. [Chorus]

Loyalty to the Master, looking to Him alone,
Turning away from evil, Jesus will keep His own;
Onward, still onward pressing, seeing the starry prize
Waiting for all the faithful, meeting beyond the skies. [Chorus]