Make Me A Winner Of Souls Dearest Lord

Make me a winner of souls, dearest Lord;
Many in darkness are straying
Far from the light of thy excellent word,
Evermore idleing, delaying.

Make me a winner of souls,
Give me thy Spirit I pray;
Make me a winner of souls, dearest Lord
And help me to help some one today.

Give me a tender, compassionate love
Over the lost of earth yearning;
Like to my Lord’s when he came from above,
Snatched me a brand from the burning. [Refrain]

Make me a blessing each day that I live,
Somebody’s path to make brighter;
Ever a helping hand ready to give
Somebody’s load to make lighter. [Refrain]

No preparation beyond the dark tomb,
Help me to sound out the warning;
Though in God’s mercy today there is room
Hast’neth the great judgment morning. [Refrain]