Make Me Like Thee

Make me like Thee, O Lord,
Cleansed in Thy precious blood,
O’er time’s rough sea;
Tho’ loud the breakers roar,
My heart be tempted sore,
Thee would I still implore,
Make me like Thee.

Thy gracious love impart,
Pour on my thirsty heat
Thy Spirit free;
Thou who dost deign to bless,
All who their sins confess,
Thy Spirit I’d possess,
Make me like Thee.

Tho’ fondest friends may die,
Tho’ cherished hopes may fly,
Thine let me be;
O hear me while I pray,
Purge all this dross away,
In me thy pow’r display,
Make me like Thee.

When life’s last hour is fled,
When deaths dark vale I tread,
Thee would I see;
Fall at thy glorious feet,
Lost in thy love so sweet,
And feel my soul complete,
Savior like Thee.