Make Me Savior What Thou Wilt

Make me, Saviour, what thou wilt,
Tho’ in humble place
It may be my lot to dwell,
Showing there thy grace.

Not my own, not my own,
Thine my life shall be;
I would not for self retain
Anything from thee.

Lead me, Saviour, where thou wilt,
Take my hand in thine;
With the glory of thy love
Make my way to shine. [Refrain]

Teach me, Saviour, what thou wilt;
May I know thy Word,
So that I may every day
Glorify my Lord. [Refrain]

Give me, Saviour, what thou wilt,
Be it gain or loss;
If I may but see thy face,
I will bear the cross. [Refrain]