Make Thine Abode With Me

Make thine abode with me,
Be thou my guest;
Thou art my portion here,
Thou art my rest;
Tho’, like a summer day,
Fond hopes may fade away,
Jesus, my heart can say,
Thou knowest best.

Why should I doubt and fear
When thou art mine?
How can I faint or fall,
My hand in thine?
Light of my pilgrim way,
My soul’s eternal day,
Help me to watch and pray,
Lord, keep me thine.

Tho’ hedged on every side
My path may be,
Gladly I follow on,
Trusting in thee;
Love, on celestial wings,
Peace to my spirit brings,
While faith looks up and sings,
Glory to thee.

Thine, tho’ my days be long,
Saviour divine,
Thine, when their light shall fade,
No more to shine;
O thou unchanging Word,
Thou from all time adored-
Living or dying, Lord,
Still I am thine.