Make This Valley Full Of Trenches

“Make this valley full of trenches,”
Thus the Lord Jehovah spake,
“Without wind or rain tomorrow,
Each of you your thirst shall slake.”
As they toiled within the desert,
Active faith their murmurs stilled;
And when morning dawned they witnessed
Every trench with water filled.

Praise the Lord, the Lord Jehovah!
God of Israel, God of all.
Thou art ever near Thy people,
Thou dost answer when they call.

Weary trav’ler o’er life desert,
Tortured by its burning sand,
Lift your heart and eyes to heaven
For deliv’rance is at hand.
Stop, and in the barren valley
Dig the wells and trenches wide;
God will fill them with His blessing,
‘Till thy heart is satisfied. [Refrain]

Weary trav’ler cease thy doubting;
If thy soul is sore distressed,
Dig the trenches in the valley,
God Himself will do the rest.
Streams of love and mercy blended,
Into every well will flow,
Then, refreshed, revived and strengthened,
On to vict’ry thou shalt go. [Refrain]