Make Thy Dwelling In My Heart Christ Who

Make Thy dwelling in my heart,
Christ who died for me;
And set the place apart,
Lord, for only Thee.

Lo, at my heart’s door
Some One knocketh ever;
I pray Thee, Lord, to enter in,
And drive away my ev’ry sin;
Leave, oh, leave me never,
Leave, oh leave me never.

I would make my heart, dear Lord,
Thine abiding-place;
From Thee I find reward,
By Thy love and grace. [Chorus]

Were my heart Thy dwelling-place
It would overflow;
The sunshine of Thy face,
Heav’n begin below. [Chorus]

Lord, if Thou my Guide will be,
Then no ill can come;
If I am led by Thee,
I will reach my home. [Chorus]