Maker Savior Of Mankind

Maker, Saviour of mankind,
Who hast on me bestow’d
An immortal soul, design’d
To be the house of God!
Come, and now reside in me,
Never, never to remove,
Make me just, and good, like thee,
And full of power and love.

Bid me in thy image rise,
A saint, a creature new;
True, and merciful, and wise,
And pure, and happy too.
This thy primitive design,
That I should in thee be blest;
Should within thy arms divine
For ever, ever rest.

Let thy will on me be done;
Fulfil my heart’s desire,
Thee to know, and love alone,
And rise in raptures higher:
Thee descending on a cloud,
When with ravish’d eyes I see:
Then I shall be fill’d with God
To all eternity!