Making Others Happy Tis A Blessed Art

Making others happy-’tis a blessed art
Taught by God’s own Spirit to the willing heart;
Sharing little pleasures, hiding little woes,
In life’s tangled thickets we may plant a rose.

Making others happy, making others happy,
Throwing light around us, songs of joy we sing;
Making others happy, making others happy,
Ringing hallelujahs to our Savior King.

Keeping close to Jesus, we His life will share,
Fitted for His service, ready ev’rywhere;
Cups of living water we will gladly bring,
Kindness overflowing from the hidden spring. [Chorus]

Making others happy, we’ll be happy too;
Ev’ry self-denial brings a joy so true;
But the sweetest portion of our bliss will be
When the Master tells us, “Ye have gladdened me.” [Chorus]