Man The Lifeboat Quick My Brother

Man the life-boat! quick, my brother,
Send it speeding o’er the wave;
If you hasten to the rescue,
Some poor sailor you may save;
Sinking fast in sin’s dark waters,
Helpless ‘mid the breakers high,
Man the life-boat! quick, oh, hasten,
To the rescue, ere they die.

Man the life-boat! to the rescue!
Hasten, hasten on your way;
With the beacon lights to guide you
From the wreck you cannot stray;
Speed away! the ship is sinking,
Go and work ‘mid scenes of woe;
Man the life-boat, nerve for action!
To the rescue, brother, go.

Man the life-boat! struggling seamen
Battle now with raging wave;
See! they cling to spar and timber,
Precious lives your hand can save;
Leaps the angry surge about them,
As to drown their pleading cry;
Man the life-boat, flash your signal!
Let them know that help is nigh.

Man the life-boat! God will aid you;
Out across life’s storm tossed wave,
Wrecks the waters dark are strewing,
On them some whom you can save;
Carry quick the cups of comfort,
Pick them up in Jesus’ name;
Man the life-boat! rescue someone,
From the wreck some soul reclaim.