Mans On The Mountain

Jesus journeyed through the land
Throughout all Galilee
Healing hearts and souls of people
Just like you and me
From town to town the glory
Of the Father He did share
And news of the Messiah
Quickly spread everywhere
Upon a mountain Jesus stood
And He began to speak
Blessed are the poor in spirit
Blessed are the meek
If you must walk a mile by law
Then walk one more in love
And seek first the Kingdom
Now at hand and from above

Oh listen to the Man on the mountain
From your heart (from your heart) let His love flow like a fountain
As He spoke to His disciples, He speaks to us today
Oh listen to the Man on the mountain

Let your light shine around you
For all the world to see
And where your heart is
So will your treasures be
Do not worry ’bout tomorrow
Or what the day may bring
See the flowers blooming
Hear the birds as they sing

Won’t you listen to the man on the mountain