Many Children Dear To Us While Here

Many children dear to us while here
Have gone, but we are told
That our absent ones in Heav’n appear,
Among the saints enrolled,
As the lambs of the upper fold.

For Jesus leads the tender lambs,
They are now in the land
Where they ne’er grow old;
How dear to us are the loving lambs,
The lambs of the upper fold.

I see the throne, I hear the song,
‘Mid the angels on the other shore;
In the pastures green they are ever seen,
On Canaan’s peaceful shore,
In the land where they weep no more. [Refrain]

Now let us live-to Jesus give
Our strength while young and old;
So when we are gone we may rest at home,
And walk the streets of gold,
With the lambs of the upper fold. [Refrain]

Then let us go to the land above,
And be with the saints enrolled,
To bear the palm, and wear the crown,
And share that bliss untold,
With the lambs of the upper fold. [Refrain]